• Part 6: Conditioning

  • Your almost there! Conditioning is really just another waiting game. Once your brew has been bottled and capped, you need to simply let it sit in the bottles for a few weeks. Two to three weeks is usually the recommended amount of time before their ready to drink. You’ll want to store them in a cool, dry place, free from direct sunlight.

    During this time your beer is carbonating and aging. As is with most alcoholic beverages, aging greatly improves the quality of taste. Aging for longer than a few weeks can really bring out the flavor in your beer. Many people ask the question if a home brew will spoil. Potentially, yes, but it takes a long time. Most brews will last for well over a year. The main contributing factor for a spoiled beer is oxydization. But don’t worry, once again, pathogens cannot grow in beer.

    Once conditioning is complete, refrigerate your beer to your preferred temperature, and now it’s time to drink. Take note of the flavors, aroma, and color of the beer. It’s good practice to take notes throughout the whole process, so you can perfect your recipes and duplicate beers you really enjoy.

    Well that’s it, the end of our beginners guide. Happy Brewing!