• How To Brew

  • Introduction: Home Brewing, a How to Brew guide.


    First of all, why be a home brewer? Well, the benefits are astounding. Sure, it takes a lot longer than running to the gas station and picking up a sixer, but any home brewer will tell you it’s well worth it. First off, the beer you can make on your own can beat the pants off of any commercial beer out there. Your in charge, so there is no skimping or cutting corners when it comes to quality.

    Second of all, it’s cheaper. Sure, you do have to throw down some cash up front to get your equipment, but once that’s taken care of, you can brew your beer for much less cost than buying from the store.

    Also, it’s easy! Home brewing definitely has some science behind it, and there are some complex recipes out there. But getting started is not hard at all, if you can bake a cake, you can brew your own beer.

    And one of the best parts of home brewing: you can customize and stylize your own recipes and concoctions. You can create your own unique beers that are completely original. Nothing can be more satisfying when a friend tries your beer and says, “Wow! this could be the best beer I’ve ever tasted.” and you reply nonchalantly, “yeah.. I made that.”

    So let’s get started. How to Brew: Part 1